About Us

Juke’s Auto was dreamt up by a group of passionate car lovers, who became frustrated with the low-quality options available for online car part marketplaces. We spent years struggling with websites that had low functionality, constantly needing to call up business owners who had no idea what parts were in stock in their own wrecking yards.

With our 15+ years of experience in the wrecking industry, we set out to design and develop an online sales platform that actually works, and we’re extremely proud of the result. Clear, easy to use and always up-to-date, Juke’s Autois the website we always wanted, but could never find. Now it’s here for you, so that you can spend less time hunting around the internet.Find the parts you need and get back to buildingthe car you want.

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Jukes Auto Location

Address :Unit 5 1 Newry Drive New Gisborne
Phone number : 0498 464 746
Email : Info@jukesauto.com.au